Sunday, January 04, 2009

I got a new lens for my camera for Christmas. Wanna venture a guess at what this is?

This is what you get when you drive by a house at midnight, going 45 miles an hour and decide to see what happens when you try to take a picture of their Christmas lights without slowing down. Not a keeper, but I wanted to know what would happen.
Still trying to make myself unchristmas my house. My sister and niece are going to try to visit next weekend and I hate to take the tree down before they get here....but it may have to happen. The biggest reason is that my sons pony dog sheds continually. I have cleaned the dog hair off of the tree skirt once, but it is built up again. This dog also stinks, all of the time. It always smells like a wet dog. We have bought all kinds of shampoo and sprays and they help for about 24 hours and then the wet dog smell is back. I'm not sure what to do to rid the dog of this smell and I'm starting to think it may not happen.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. I am off to sweep up some dog hair....again.


Mary Ellen said...

I finally got my tree down on Sunday. I had to do it in shifts - Friday I took off the ornaments; Saturday the lights; Sunday I finally got the thing out!

Now I'll be vacuuming up the needles til February. Good luck with yours.

Lanny said...

I see the house, but I also see a choir girl with a ponytail lighting something in the bottom leftish. I wonder how I'd do on those ink blot tests. :)

I need to get my tree down. And dog hair? Santa brought the Furminator to Superdog (rumor has it he got it on a major sale on Amazon--maybe it's still on sale?). It works wonders.

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

We don't have a dog hair problem, but a tail wagging problem. All the ornaments are slowly moving up the tree....and then the tails are also wagging off the needles : (

We have one more week to go too....waiting for fave aunt and uncle to come out. And then I am always sorry to see the tree go....

kimmy said...

The kids like to use our camera and most of our photos look like that all the time!


Monkling said...

I took my tree down on Wednesday by myself while sick & jet lagged in an attempt to stay awake past 5 p.m. Yes, I know. I am insane.