Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The beauty of it all....

Trying to stay positive! This is the biggest mess I can remember for many years. The first 6 inches of snow that fell were very heavy and wet. Then came 24 hours of freezing rain and now....snow. The rain froze on everything and I am one of the lucky, I have power. There are trees down everywhere and getting anywhere is iffy. You must travel, as SH did this morning, with a chain saw. The scanner is going off with tons of trees down and water covering the roadways.

Tonight the temperature is supposed to be 19 degrees and all of this water is supposed to turn into a sheet of ice. I may not get back to work until February.
I hope your week is better than mine!

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kim-d said...

Not being able to get to work? Now, that WOULD be a good week for me. BWAHAHAHA! Actually as long as you still have power, and you have food, it all sounds fine to me. We had a big snowstorm on Halloween, 1991, that dumped a couple of feet of snow on us after freezing rain and sleet. We didn't get out for days!