Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Where oh where am I tonight?

I love these two. They are so cute together. Right now they are going back and forth between their house and mine to spend time with their dog. I like having them around and will like it more this week since I only work two days.

It has been a busy few weeks. I had a nice birthday with my family, volunteered a lot at the museum and let my house go completely. Now I am going to pay for it in a big way. It will take me days to clean up all the dog hair, cake icing (DD is taking cake decorating classes) and dirty dishes. If I can stay awake today I think I may actually get a little chunk of it finished. I may be back later.....or I may not. Tonight is my FAVORITE night on tv and there are 3 episodes of my favorite show on tonight. I won't even tell you what it is (if any of you are left out there) because you would laugh. Goodbye until next time.


kim-d said...

What do you mean, if there are any of us left out here? Where do you think I'd be? Just sittin' here...just waitin' for you to update...just twiddlin' my thumbs...just waitin' for Katy...BWAHAHAHA! Come on...what TV show are you talking about?

Monkling said...

Wait.... I missed it?? It was your birthday? How did that happen?

Happy Birthday!

Mary Ellen said...

Of course we're here! I am also curious - what show is it? I love all things TV and would never laugh.

kimmy said...

They are so cute together...and they look so happy too!