Saturday, November 29, 2008

another day.....

So what do you get when you take my house, with it's dog, cat and way too much stuff in it and add DS, his girlfriend and their dog.....? A complete and total mess. DS doesn't travel light, he always brings his laundry, his xbox, his guitar and various other goodies. The dog came with a cage big enough to park a 4wheeler in. It's messy, chaotic and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I got my annual notice for my meeting with the powers that be for work. I always have my meeting in January or early February but this year they decided to shake it up a bit and do it in December. That means I have to do organize a years worth of paperwork, do the rest of my continuing education online and various other stuff before Wednesday. If I don't finish I won't have a job and the way my life is moving right now, it could go either way. Tomorrow I volunteer for the museum, take my cousins family portraits for Christmas and dinner with SH. I'm pretty sure I will be able to do organize a couple of months worth between all of that.

SH is now sick and I have a feeling he is passing it back to me. I need to get a flu shot but I can't get over a cold long enough to go get it. It is supposed to snow/rain tonight and I would love to just crawl under the covers, watch tv and sleep.

Now I must go, DS's pony dog is looking at me with an odd look and I'm figuring that may mean he wants to go out. Both dogs have been running around outside and have discovered a colony of flea's that must have decided to tough out the cold weather until a host could show up so tonight both dogs get a dip in the tub and some new frontline.

Have a great Sunday~


kimmy said...

Sounds like you had quite the weekend!

Fleas and germs! Spreading the holiday cheer!


Mary Ellen said...

Stay hydrated! I totally believe over-hydration is the only way to keep the nasty germs from settling in...

Hope you feel better!

Monkling said...

See? This is yet another reason why I'm not getting another dog after... uh, you know who goes you know where. Fleas.