Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Amish country part 2

The weather was overcast and that really made it difficult to take pictures of farms. I still tried a few just because I love to take pictures, but none of them are very good. I just love the size of their houses and the fact that they are always so neat and tidy.

Most farms have at least 2 houses. The grandparents give the big house to the children when they start having children and build themselves a "dawdy" house near the bigger house.

Gas was much cheaper there than it is here. When we left we drove about 3 hours west before starting home (south) and actually bought gas for 1.74. Here it is still 2.25. I figure this amish guy was parking his buggy here to laugh at all us having to fill up.
One thing I noticed was the large amount of toilet paper strung from the trees, signs and buildings in one town. I'm not sure whether English boys did it or some Amish teens in their Rumspringer were out playing some tricks. I also noticed that a couple of Amish women who were running shops were on the phone all morning. They don't have phones at home but as soon as they get to work they talk and talk. Most talk in their native German mix so you can't understand but they throw some English in too.
Saturday there was one room open in our hotel. I later heard the office clerk tell someone a couple of Amish boys had come and rented it so they could watch the Ohio State game. I guess even during Rumspringer they have good taste.
Now I am off to take some Ibuprofen and get under some blankets to try to hide from this creeping crud I feel trying to overtake my body. Have a great week!


kim-d said...

Oh no, not the crud! I hope you caught it in time. I got a flu shot this year. It's hard enough to do school healthy; I can't imagine trying to struggle through with the crud. I think all would be well if we could just get ourselves on over to Amish country. I think that would be the place to get some soup that cures all ills.

From what I've seen on those news magazine shows, those Amish teens really know how to party once they get away from home. UFF DA!

Lanny said...

I would LOVE to visit Amish country. I've always been so fascinated by all things Amish! Thanks for taking me along via your blog!

I hope you are feeling better soon!

Kellan said...

I love the pictures of those farm houses - so pretty! Seems like a good life, but it is a hard life, I imagine!

I thought of you when I titled my post today.

Take care - Kellan

kimmy said...

Looks like you are having a good time. What a hard life that must be, but in the end sometimes simple is better.

Hope you feel better.