Monday, June 09, 2008

WTH was way too hot to take too many pictures so here is one just for Kim D. (-;

I live in Ohio....have you ever noticed us on the map? We are that little state that people call "the heart of it all" because of our location. Ohio is a pretty ho-hum state where nothing much happens and we just go on with our life with very few interruptions. I think things are changing as we speak. I'm pretty sure we are starting into the biblical plagues.....2008 style.
The first plague is a carry over from biblical times....locusts. We actually have 17 year cicada's instead of locust but I'm pretty sure they are a punishment for something. These things hang all over everything. They dive bomb you by the dozens when you walk outside. We have to dip them out of the pool before we get in. They scream (or rub their legs together) and make this horrible high pitched noise...continually. You can not go outside and read or think about anything because of the awful noise. I tried walking outside while I was on the phone the other day but then you can not hear what anyone is saying to you.
The second plague is gas prices. What in the world are we supposed to do about that? We live way out in the country, meaning we can not just "run to the store" when we need anything. We drive 30 miles minimum to buy toilet paper. Super hubby and I both drive 50 or 60 miles each time we go to work. There are no buses or cabs out here. You drive or you walk....60 miles.
The third is unemployment. The few jobs we have around here are leaving and people who used to work hard a decent jobs are working at wal mart and McDonalds. How can people raise their families on that?
The fourth plague....the freakin HEAT. Oh my heavens above it is horrible. We don't live in the south....we live here, mid nation. The temperature at noon today was 95 and the humidity was something like a bajillion percent. The forecasters say that will change in the next few days and we should settle into the mid to upper 80's with lower humidity. That I can handle, this heat I can not.
I know there are more but right now I have to go turn on fans so the air conditioner won't run continually. We also have country electric, which costs about 3 times what anyone elses does.
Hopefully I will be taking pictures of my DD the the heat. If we can stand it long enough to get a few good pictures I may post some later on.


Monkling said...

I hear ya on the heat. And while we can walk to a store, who in their right mind is gonna walk anywhere when it's 90+ out there? Not to mention that the kids are home so we have 3 cars to fill up. If those cicadas come here, I am locking myself in the house until they're all gone.

kim-d said...

It's kinda scary, isn't it? I ventured out of my house today to realize that gas has reached 4.09 a gallon. And I can't afford eggs anymore, either. We don't have the heat and cicadas, but we have tornadoes and floods, and those Iasian lady beetles or whatever they're called. I remember back when I was in high school, there was a t-shirt that, on the front said, "Jesus is coming, and is he PISSED!" Kinda makes ya wonder, doesn't it? I think living out in the country would be like a little bit of heaven. But, for right now, I'm really glad I live just across the runway from where I work. I just don't know how people are supposed to live and, like you said, raise their families like this! At least blogging doesn't cost anything (much), and if I'm lucky I get to see pix of DD later...that will make me smile :)!

katy said...

We have also had the floods and some near tornado's. The water just went down enough yesterday to get off of the road Mike travels to work and use to get to DS's.
The temperature is 98 with a feels like temp of 105.
Kim D...along the same lines, a friend of mine used to have a shirt that just said "Don't make me come down there." God.

kim-d said...

Oh, such a cute pic--of such a cute subject. Thank you for making me happy...for free, even :)!

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

I'm in SW Pennsylvania and it is hot here too. Too hot. I'm hoping our ac holds was squealing the other night : (

We had the locusts a few years ago. They were everywhere. They also did a lot of damge to the trees in the was bad. I hope we don't see them again for a long time.

Kellan said...

Cute picture - she's darling.

And ... I agree - I think it's the end of the world - so HOT!

Hope you are having a good weekend, Katy - see you soon. Kellan

Anonymous said...


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