Sunday, June 01, 2008


June has to be the best month of the year.....its summer, summer is still new and it is a LONG way until winter again. The pool is almost warm enough to swim in and my dear niece will be here by the end of the month!

We recently redid DD's room. She wasn't sure about painting a wall black but we are both pretty happy with the end results. She still has a couple of boxes of stuff to put back in so pay no attention to the stuff laying around. The palm tree you see on the right was made by DD and a friend in art class. Next we have to recover her window seat, it still has leopard print material on it.

Her theme seems to be pink, black and her friends, which is exactly what teenagers should be thinking about in June....
The weather here is heating up quick. Today it was in the upper 80's and then we had a quick thunderstorm that swept through and temporarily lowered the temperature 10 degrees. It didn't stay cooler but it was nice while it lasted.


Monkling said...

I am so glad my daughter doesn't read anyone's blog. That's all I would need now is for her to want to paint her room. Again. Bad enough the rest of the place needs to be painted & that just isn't happening before we have a house full of company.

Ann Marie aka Carly said...

I WANT THAT BEDROOM... like can you and DD come redo MINE like that????

kimmy said...

I love the month of June too. The anticipation of summer, yet knowing that winter is still far away!

Love the bedroom too!


Kellan said...

Cute room!!

I love it when it storms on a really hot day.

So glad you are looking forward to summer - I am too!!!

SEe you soon - Kellan

kim-d said...

Katy, I miss you so much, and DD too. Just wanted you to know. I feel kinda lost cause I haven't "talked" to you. We've both been busy, but I still miss you.