Monday, June 30, 2008

Reality bites

My dear, loving, sweet superhubby, who someone obviously knocked in the head and replaced with this person living at my house now, has decided it would be fun to can this year. To be completely honest I was kind of excited about blackberry jam. Last year was so dry the berries dried up before they could be picked but this year... this year is going to be wonderful for berries. My BIL has acres and acres of berry vines all around his farm. Summer before last we picked buckets and buckets of berries. I still have some frozen in the big deep freeze. I do want to try to make some jam. I think freezer jam is easier but I want to try canning the jam. I am nothing if not a glutton for punishment. So we went and bought a big canning pot with a canning rack in it, jars, lids, rings, special funnels, pectin and some canning dill, because we are going to have a couple thousand cucumbers in a few weeks and SH wants to try to make pickles. The pickles are not something I want to try but it's better than trying to find something to do with bushels of cucumbers. Does anyone out there need about 100 cucumbers?(Hallie, I am waiting for your comment.....I think it will be interesting.) Who am I kidding....Kim D...go ahead and tell me what you think!
Wednesday is the day.....I get to drive for 10 hours but will come home with my niece....I miss her so bad and I can not wait to spend time with her.


kim-d said...

Oh man, Katy, you asked for it :)! I don't know what Hallisicle is gonna suggest, but I do love me a good pickle! BWAHAHA. Oh man...

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

100 pickles...hmmmm

A bunch of wieners and a bunch of pickles....


Maybe some of those cukes could be used to "PLUG" up the ass roids' - kind of like plugging a leaking dike.

Or maybe some of those cukes could be used to wake the goiters so hard that they break up and then dissolve. Sort of like GOITER PINATAS!!

Whatta think?