Thursday, June 26, 2008

Life is good!

That title has nothing to do with anything I just thought I needed to remind myself of that a little more often.

It is hot outside. I am not complaining very much I am glad for the heat, the winter was miserable and we all need some sunshine. We have had some cool nights which cooled off the pool water too much to get in, but since it is 93 now at 11:30 am I am guessing the water will warm up quickly. I haven't looked under the solar cover but I'm guessing the pool could use a good cleaning, and I may be the one to do it.
Superhubby has started working on my car. Some of you may remember the car I bought last fall for SH to rebuild for me. He finally has a little time so he has started working on it. The problem is that parts prices have went up 45% since last fall so it is costing more than we thought it would, but then everything costs more these days. I just hope we get it finished soon so I can quit driving my mini van around all the time.
DD had to go have her senior headshots taken yesterday. These are just to be used for yearbook and newspaper announcements during their senior year. We do senior pictures separately if we want them. I'm still trying to get some good ones to use for at least part of her senior pictures. The photographer offered us a free 8x10 if we came back to let them do her senior pictures....probably not going to happen because if you want very many pictures the packages are at least 700 dollars. The smallest package is 1- 8x10, 2- 5x7's and 24 wallets of one pose only and it is 189.00.....completely insane when Wal mart has a similar package for 4.99. I know wal marts pictures are not as good, but the other places prices are crazy. So I am trying to get some shots that she would be happy using for wallets and then maybe we can have some professional pictures taken for some of the larger shots. The first one we obviously can't use because while I was looking through the camera at her smile I wasn't paying attention to her shirt...but I liked the picture and we are trying to find a way to crop it and make it look ok.
After weeks of trying to capture some great shots, DD has lost her patience with me. When I say anything about pictures she rolls her eyes and goes to her room.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...


She is beautiful!


kim-d said...

Yeah, well, someday when she's closer to your age and then, heaven forbid, to my age--she will look back on all those pictures and smile :).

She IS beautiful--inside and out. Give her a big hug for me and tell her I miss her! And the rest of the Ks.

Kellan said...

Cute pictures - she is so darling!!

Hope you had a good day - Kellan

Lanny said...

She is beautiful.

If you know somebody with photoshop, they can "copy" her shit pattern and cover her up just a tiny bit more.

Lanny said...

Big OOPS!!! ShiRt pattern.
Sorry about that!

kim-d said...

Ummm, yup. I heard somewhere that shit patterns are often used to cover up those tiny bits of boobage that shouldn't be showing...


Yay, Lanny! Long live those shit patterns :)...

Lanny said...

Katy, I'm SO sorry! For the record, I think it's a great shiRt! I promise it was just a typo!

Tell that beautiful dd of yours that I'm sorry too, please.

Debbie said...

LOL, I was over at Lanny's and saw where you referred back to her funny comment, so I came here...ROFL!

Your daughter is beautiful even amongst all this shit!!!!

Debbie said...

Yes! Get that 5th wheel out and about...but camp close...gas! UGH!

Hey, the tag on the trailer for the jet ski is '05!! David took the back roads to get it back up there!!

Anonymous said...


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