Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

We have had a nice weekend here at the Myers house. SH got Saturday off to go to an estate auction and he bought all kind of wonderful...umm.....stuff. SH loves to buy other peoples junk so it was a perfect day for him. I still can't figure out why Marty Yod*r bought a gasoline powered, rubber tired, John Deere tractor. Marty is a great guy but he is very Amish....they don't do gasoline and rubber tires. I'm thinking he either was bidding for someone else or is going to have an "english" person use it. $18,000 is a lot for a tractor if you can't use it.
Kelli and her friend Kendra had dates last night and ended the evening watching movies at our house. Kelli's date for the night, whom she has grown very fond of, had to go back to college today but will be back in a few weeks for his cousins wedding. Six weeks until prom and trust me they are counting the days down. The kids also all got a chance to talk to Aunty Kim on the Internet last night and I think all 4 of them have decided they like her a lot. She always makes them feel good about themselves, which teenagers need and love.
While the kids were out eating last night I got the privilege of going out to eat with this handsome guy...

And with this handsome guy. He did leave the dog at home. We went to Shoney's seafood buffet and I got a few crab legs and some shrimp but nothing seemed to have much taste... I miss the stuff you get when you are truly near the ocean.

Remember a few weeks ago when I was rejoicing in this temperature. Well today we went above that by 5 degrees. The sky was a beautiful deep blue. The birds are getting frisky because they know spring is right around the corner. Now if it would not rain for a couple of days so a little of the mud would dry up.
This week should be pretty relaxing. Jophie is still in the hospital and probably will be all week so I will only work a few days. I wish he were home but I am still fighting this little cold so I couldn't work for him anyway. This is truthfully the easiest cold I have ever had. I know I am probably going to regret saying this when I wake up with some plague tomorrow but just a little stuffy and a cough. After the horrible stuff I had in November (or October) I will take this any day. Tomorrow I have a normal check up type doctors appointment so I can run my symptoms by her but I expect her to tell me to just call if it gets worse. I really don't think I need any medicine right now. Most of the people I am around at work (actually all of them) have this same thing and it started just like this. They all thought they were going to have a little cold and ended up deathly ill. I know I am pushing my luck but after 3 or 4 days I don't feel any worse.
Have a great week everyone...

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kim-d said...

Oh, I love the pix of DS and SH (and Koko, too)! How fun that the three of you got to go out and spend some time together. I love how DS seems so thrilled to be having his pic taken...hehehehe!

And you know what? It makes me feel really good to know that the K Kids decided they like me. Because I really and truly like them, and I MEAN every word of my comments. Really; I have never been one to say things I don't mean--I just would never bother with that. Just looking at their pix completely cheers me up, or makes me happier than I already am. I love how they are so generous and kind and loving to each other. I completely understand why you're so proud of your kids--DS, DD, and all of the ones who hang out!

Praying hard for Jophie! But...I think it will be good for you to take it a little easy this week to get over your bothersome cold. Hopefully, it will just get better!