Sunday, March 16, 2008

Completely random thoughts

If anyone knows of any wieners that are currently out of work........this is the place to go.

It is almost spring which in the Myers household means one thing, people start dropping these off. This cute little guy and his little sister are running around the yard and won't leave, which could be because my husband, children and their friends fed them turkey and canned dog food. I begged them not to feed them but they don't listen very well when it comes to puppies. I think there is a black and brown one running around too but I haven't found it yet. I have just caught a quick glimpse of it in the woods and running around the side of the house in the dark. They were all terrified of people but seemed to get over it pretty quick when the turkey came out. They are still very shy but getting better. I'm sure the other one will show up when she hears rumors of free food. I'm pretty sure it is a she because this one is a male so statistically the other two have to be female. My statistics come from years of rescuing puppies, very few are male. I do love dogs, but I get so tired of people dumping them on me when I don't want them.
Anyone out there need a cute, cuddly puppy to love?


Lanny said...

That is one cute puppy!!!

Congrats! You won the Sonicare toothbrush! Please email me with your info when you can so I can drop it in the mail. :)

kim-d said...

Ya know, I had about five weenies yesterday that could have used a job at that DQ...HAHAHAHA! Those poor puppies; I just don't understand how anyone can do that!

Monkling said...

Those dogs look hot to me. Can't they get the job at Dairy Queen?

kimmy said...

He actually did read my blog today (of course I told him too). But he was touched and that made it all worth while!

Have a great day!