Friday, March 21, 2008

40 days...

After last summers drought and miserable heat I hate to complain...but enough is enough. This creek is normally about 5 feet wide and 6 inches deep.

The worst part is that this is our main route to Wal mart, and the mall.

Of course we turned around and went another way because we HAD to make it to the mall to look for the ever elusive after prom outfit. I think the after prom outfit and big foot must be together somewhere, laughing at us.


Monkling said...

But the 40 days are over. It's almost Easter. Doesn't that mean the rain will stop?

Oh, & just because my site is down won't mean I don't have internet access. It's not my internet provider going down, it's my host - where I get my email (that's why my email ends in monkling and not verizon) and where I put my blog. So even if it's days before I can blog, I can still bother you & Kim.

kim-d said...

I wondered what was going on over at Monkling's--last night when I tried to go over and hassle her, smoke came out of my computer's little ears and a tinny little voice cried out "DANGER, DANGER!" I was very afraid. BUT I KNEW, IN MY HEART OF HEARTS, I could come over here to the VP's place and find out what was up with Ms. Speaker of the House When She Feels Like It. Thank you.

And now I know why DD was trying on those bathing suits you told me about, Katy. She's a smart girl and she's always prepared. She can SWIM to Wal-Mart and the Mall, if need be! I love a determined girl! :)