Monday, March 03, 2008

It is a BEAUTIFUL day...again

Mid 70's in Ohio today and sunshine. ALL DAY. I love this weather and I actually walked outside today and didn't have to scrape mud off of my shoes. I had to walk in the few spots that had dried out but I'm not complaining (too loudly) because we have had nothing but mud for the last few months.Weather for the next few days....flood watches for the next 36 hours because it is going to rain....and rain....and rain... Please someone remind me of this in July when I am complaining about having to water everything ever day.
Jophie is doing a little better today. Pneumonia in both lungs but it is starting to look just slightly better on x-rays. He isn't going to be all better in a few days, this will take awhile but he is headed the right direction.
I had a check up at my doctors office today and my BP was a healthy 122/70. She gave me an antibiotic and an inhaler because I was a little wheezy and everyone I work with has some plague or the other. Now if I could just quit eating for about 6 months I would be healthy.
My family, all of whom are very opinionated and stubbornI love with all my heart are in the biggest email discussion over who to vote for. They all have their ideas and every one of them are completely sure they are correct and every one else isn't. There are those like myself and my mother who discuss and then there are those like a couple of my aunts....their emails always include phrases like "only a drooling moron would believe he/she would be a good leader." I am a middle child. I have middle child tendencies. I want everyone to get along and be happy. They can all say mean things and then get together after church next week and go out to eat. I crawl into my bed and cry when people talk mean to me.
I see by the look on my daughters face clock on the wall it is time for me to get off of the computer and become a functioning part of this household. Have a great week everyone.


Monkling said...

We had that weather here, too. Tomorrow we're getting that rain. How can we be having the same weather? I'm supposed to be a day behind you.

kim-d said...

I'm glad you got yourself a nice day! It was sunny here, but colder than cold and windy. Possibly even blustery. I was very glad for electricity today :). I was kinda laughing about your family members and the heated political opinion e-mails flying back and forth! In a way, I sorta hate that nobody will talk about it. I'd love to talk about it, because I don't think I'm right about any certain person. In fact, my quandary is that I like some of this person, some of that person, some no, some yes...know what I mean? Mostly though, I think they're all shady. HAHAHA! What I DO know for sure is this...if anybody makes you cry, I'll come and beat them to a pulp for you!