Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spring has not yet sprung

The weather outside is frightful. We had a small snow yesterday but it was a slick one. Wrecks everywhere and even this afternoon when DD and I ventured to town there were cars parked along the sides of the road covered in snow. Tonight it is raining but it is supposed to turn to ice and snow in the morning. No school today and probably not tomorrow, or at least a delay, which makes DD happy!
I haven't worked for 5 days and it has felt pretty good but it makes me lazy. I almost look forward to a few days of routine again starting tomorrow.
Valentines day is rapidly approaching. I haven't bought the first card or piece of chocolate for SH. I am always the one thinking ahead and he is usually the one stopping at wal mart at midnight to find a card on Valentines day. This will be the first Valentines day I didn't have DS around to buy something for. I may still get him some chocolate and take it to him next weekend. He has decided, for some reason. to try not eating meat for a few weeks. I guess that means no Valentines steak for him and his dear girlfriend.
DD is going on a date tomorrow I would prefer her not to go on. Her ex-boyfriend A. has finally figured out he was a rotten boyfriend. Now he wants to make it up to her, but she is through with him. He bugs her, she cries, he leaves her alone a few days and it starts again. He somehow talked her into going out with him tomorrow night just so he could spend one last evening with her. She is trying everything in the world to get out of it but now he knows how to make her feel guilty. She is going to go but is driving herself and making it a short dinner and then she is coming home. He knows about the new guy she is "talking to" and he seems ok with it. I think he thinks if he can get her in a nice romantic restaurant she will forget the year she sat at home waiting on him when he was busy doing a million other things. The new guy I really like and the best part is that he is 3 hours away at college and only home about once a month for a weekend. How much more can a mother wish for than a boy her teenage daughter likes that is a couple of hundred miles away. I try to give her advice and surprise surprise, she doesn't always listen. I think her adopted aunt Kim gets through to her with her "gonna kick her bony ass up between her shoulders(-:
Now that I have rambled on about absolutely nothing I am going to go read my book and go to bed. Have a great Wednesday everyone.

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kim-d said...

Yes, but it is only because adopted Auntie Kim loves her dearly and sees just exactly what the ex is doing to her! And it is with the UTMOST LOVE that Auntie Kim would kick her bony ass up between her shoulderblades...HAHAHA! But, I do feel better knowing she's driving herself and can leave whenever she wants. So, I hope she realizes that someone in MN will be waiting on pins and needles for her to get home tonight! I just love your pretty girl, and a big part of what makes her so darn pretty is that she is so darn nice, too. Which explains why she even still gives this guy the time of day. Which is part of why I love her. Still...

I want HIM to be a big boy and go away and leave her alone. Maybe it's HIS ass I need to kick up between HIS shoulderblades. And NOT quite as lovingly as it would be with her! :)

Oh, I just get so caught up in it. Does she realize that if anybody hurts her, she has a whole posse of old(er) folks that would hunt that person down? HAHAHA--what a picture that conjures up, huh? Tell her she has to be home by 7:30; it's a school night :)!!!

And, yes, Katy--you still need to get that handsome DS some Valentine's Day chocolate!!!