Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentines one and all

Today was another snowy day. We haven't had very many this year so it is a nice little change, but...I'm ready for spring.
My Grandma always said that birds mate on Valentines day. I'm not sure if that was an "old wives tale" or something she knew from years of being a bird lover. My grandma fed the birds all the time and loved to watch them. I inherited that from her so I took a few pictures this morning before I left for work. Keep in mind that I took these through a dirty window. I'm guessing that the male birds of the species were all taking the ladies out to the neighborhood feeder today for a little dinner before the big romantic event(-;

I hope everyone gets to enjoy tomorrow, whether it be with someone you love, or just with the memories you have of Valentines days past.


Kellan said...

Aren't they just beautiful?! I love the idea that they mate of Valentine's Day - I've never heard that, but it makes perfect sense and I am going to believe it from now on! Great pictures and post Katy - see you soon. Kellan

kim-d said...

Beautemous birdies you have there, Katy--and I like the idea of them taking the little lady birds out to a nice feeder for a little dinner before the main event! And I also like that you remembered those of us who will just have to be satisfied with happy Valentine's memories. Good memories! You all have a Happy Valentine's Day at your house, too!