Saturday, December 16, 2006

Where the heck did that come from........

We have a pet that I actually forget about for weeks at a time. My husband takes care of it most of the time.
When my son was in kindergarten he joined 4-H and needed a pet for the "pet parade." The pet parade is for children too young to actually be in real 4-H so they are in Clover buds and get to take care of a pet. We bought him a rabbit....easy to care for and it won't live forever right? WRONG! He is now a freshman in college and we still have this rabbit that truthfully I can not even remember what he named it and neither does he. It just lives out there and eats. People tell me all the time to just let it go in the woods, but I can't do that because it would trust a dog or coyote and it would be eaten. I don't really care for the rabbit, but I don't want it hurt. Just remember if your child wants a rabbit.........they live forever!

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