Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas morning at our home

I woke this morning to my husband...he loves Christmas morning and now that the kids are older his is up before them in the morning. He woke me up this morning asking me whos leather Ohio State jacket was in the dining room and I really had no idea. We walked outside and noticed one of the boys friends car in the driveway. I know my son didn't ask him to stay all night on Christmas eve because my son was home all evening and spent his time with us. The other boy that lives here took it upon himself to have company I guess. I thought I was going to blow a freaking gasket, because Christmas is special to me and I want my family here and no one else in the morning. My daughter and I snuck in the boys room and quietly woke my son so we could have Christmas together without all the extras and it worked, so it is all good in the end. I don't care if they have a ton of company the rest of the day...........I just want Christmas morning alone with my family. I got what I wanted so I don't have to pout all day!
Here is a little funny for the day!

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