Friday, December 15, 2006

The failure

I realize I am a complete blogging failure. I rarely sit down and even try to think of things to put in here and when an idea comes I am at work or somewhere way away from my computer.If I am close to the computer one of the 3 teens who live here is already on it. No one really reads it anyway, but it does make you feel good to put stuff down on paper, or screen or whatever the heck this is.
Yesterday we had to go shopping to find my daughter something to wear to the church Christmas program this coming Sunday. No, not a pretty dress or Christmasy looking sweater, she needed...........a flannel shirt and bib overalls. I couldn't find any bibs for under 50 bucks and they said jeans would work with a flannel shirt, so thats what we are doing. She would never wear bibs again in her life, so it would have been a big waste of money. The Christmas play is called "It all happened in the country" and is kind of a Beverly Hillbillies type thing with my daughter being Cora May. I must say my Uncle did a great job making a cabin in the church and my Aunt does a great job as Granny.
Well it is only 10 days until Christmas and I really have almost all of my shopping finished, but my poor husband hasn't started. Christmas shopping makes him miserable. I told him he could just buy a big diamond and not go shopping anywhere else.....not gonna happen. Oh well, gotta get ready for work.........later

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