Monday, May 11, 2009

Spring has sprung!

A few pictures to make up for the fact I really have nothing to say.
This picture was taken at the Huntington museum of Art. Every year a local tv station does "Best of the class" where Valedictorians from all the area high schools get together and tape some stuff that is shown on the tv station during commercials all spring.

Finally the rain eased up enough for Superhubby to mow the lawn. The flowers are blooming and the garden needs planting, but it isn't quite dry enough for gardening.

I love the green of everything this time of year. When it gets hot and dry outside my yard looks bad. We have clay instead of good dirt so the grass has a hard time hanging around when it gets dry.

If you look close you can see the perpetually shedding dog in the door. He has nose prints on the glass all of the time. I usually put a screen in about this time of year but he will tear it out if someone pulls in the driveway or another dog dares to come pee in his yard.
I haven't swept the carpet for about 5 days so today I swept the dining room, family room and living room. I emptied the canister on the vacuum 3 times, each time it was full of dog hair. I do love this dog but can't wait until my son finds a new place to stay.....that allows dogs.


Lanny said...

Blah to clay. We have red clay here, and it makes things quite difficult. Not to mention red that's tracked everywhere. Yuck!

Great pic of your dd!

I hear ya on the nose prints and shedding. WonderDog excels at both.

Trina and Jophie said...

Ahh I love that pic with all the hats in the air....Another shot that prolly only "we would get" ..... LOL

Mary Ellen said...

I feel you on the dog hair thing. I've taken to leaving those lint-removers in my car so I can de-hair myself before I go into public places.