Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life lessons

Our garden is very slow getting started this year. I'm pretty sure the weeks of rain that made us put off planting it didn't help. Now we have sunny warm weather and the seeds are in the ground.

This picture was taken right along the side of our garden. This does not bode well for future plant development. Deer tracks before the plants even break the surface usually means they know its coming and are just waiting for the munchies to show up.

A few things to look for in the woods....

This is what we call multi floral roses. These were brought to the U. S. by farmers many years ago to be used for a natural fence around their farms. Most of them didn't find out until much later that they spread like wildfire and you can not stop them. They are taking over a lot of farm land.

This, on the other hand, is something we like to look for in the woods. I know they may look like the other but they aren't. These are wild blackberry vines. I LOVE wild blackberries. They are so sweet compared to tame berries. These particular vines are behind our garden. We very seldom get many berries off of them because every time superhubby goes out to look at them there are snakes under the vines. Superhubby works pretty hard through the week and it's up to me to get the berries before rain or deer get them. I don't get them because I DON'T DO SNAKES. EVER. AT ALL.

Those of you who have "known" me for awhile may remember this....

This is what happens when birds build a nest on your porch. This is also one of the times I didn't get a choice when it came to NEVER BEING AROUND SNAKES. About 3 seconds after I snapped this picture the snake jumped off of the hoe and took off into my husbands car. We (and I say that in jest because I just stood back and cringed) spent the next hour or two trying to get it out. The snake was going to be thrown into the woods so it could run away but since it escaped we (again with the WE) ended up having to cut it in half to get it out of the car..... Which is why, if I have any choice, I DO. NOT. HAVE. ANYTHING.TO.DO.WITH. SNAKES.


Mary Ellen said...

I should not have read this post before I went to bed...I just know I'm going to have nightmares. That snake? CREEPY. With a capital CREEP. And when you got to the cut it in half part? Full body shudder.


Lanny said...

Eww. Eww. Eww. Ewww.
I'll be having nightmares too. I don't do snakes!