Monday, May 18, 2009

My friend Lewis

This morning while I was out picking dead blooms off of my flowers I met a new friend. His name is Lewis.

He didn't actually tell me his name, he's more the strong silent type, but I guessed it first try and he never said I was wrong. He just watched me from his post top.
I've learned that Lewis isn't much for conversation. It's cold here this morning and Lewis just wanted to lay in the sun getting warmed up while I worked on the flowers. He didn't even reply to my offer to get him some good lotion to soften up his skin. I think Lewis looks a little wrinkled. I'm pretty sure laying in the sun isn't the best thing for his skin.

Well Lewis, it's been nice meeting you. I hope you stick around and don't get eaten by the big snakes that are usually hanging around just out of sight. Very small things seem to disappear about this time of the year. Good luck Lewis and I'll see you tomorrow morning.


Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

That last picture makes him look like a teeny weeny alligator.....

Jennifer said...
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Lanny said...

Oops, deleted post was me. I forgot to sign out of my email account. Oops.

I could handle Lewis (outside), but snakes? Shudder!

We actually have snakes too, but I pretend we don't.