Monday, October 30, 2006

More teens

I want to introduce you to J. He lives in my house too, though he isn't one of my children. He has been one of my sons best friends for years and years. A little over a year ago he asked to move in with us for awhile, different reasons, one of them being it was the middle of his senior year and his father quit working at the school he and my son attend. Justin was having to drive an hour to school every day alone. He is a funny, bright, extreemly lazy young man. He graduated and works at WalM now. My problem....Justin is 19, he will be 20 in July. He isn't making any plans to leave. He wants to go to some sound school but it will take thousands of dollars and he is saving what he can on his small salary. I'm so torn between saying,...times up get out and knowing if I do he will not be able to save any more money at all and will never go to school. He is too lazy to go to regular college. He barely makes it to work every day. My son is working a part time job, going to college and being a teachers assistant. Don't get me wrong, my son is a little on the lazy side, and he doesn't really want to go to college, but he is, because he knows he needs to. Justin would rather use my water, electric and eat my food than plan ahead.........What to do, what to do.
I had a picture resized of Justin playing his guitar, which is what Justin thinks he should be able to do with the rest of his life, but can't get it on this page.........I will try again later.

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