Wednesday, October 18, 2006

drop your extras here.......not

Over the years we have been the "foster home" for many unwanted pets. Living in the country people think it is ok to drop unwanted animals off at my house. This past spring we inherited 1 dog and 2 puppies. I called the pound only to be told they were backed up for months and wouldn't be able to come and get them. Both puppies were sick looking, nothing but skin and bones and scared to death of anything that moved. we started by throwing food toward them because they would growl and bark if you got close with food. It only took a week or so before they loved us and realized we meant them no harm. Both are still a little jumpy if you move fast or yell, I would guess that where they came from was not a happy place. I still do not want them here forever, they chew up everything in their way and litter the yard with garbage. Today they were sleeping in the driveway and
looked so innocent....

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