Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Scenes from the country

I have very little to say. Life is rolling along at an alarming rate. My aunt died a couple of days ago very unexpectedly. She was having a quick surgery on a vertebrae...and then leaving for the beach a couple of days later. She never made it to the beach. She loved the beach. My aunt's funeral is this week, but she is being buried at Arlingt#on National cemetery so burial plans are on hold. They are just saying her ashes will be buried at some point in the next few months. She had the bad luck of dying when the Kenn3dy clan needed Arling$ton and I'm sure it is busy there.
Dearest Daughter is chugging away at college. She seems to be enjoying it, though she would never admit it. She and a few friends work out at the student rec center after classes a few times a week.
Superhubby is super busy. Work is keeping him busy and then he has to fit in all of those little old ladies, most of whom I am super mad at right now. It's a long story, but one I should tell you all one of these days. I'm sure you would be mad too.
I finally got my camera back out and took a few pictures. This one is of a couple of the thousands of things my husband has in the woods behind the house that no one will ever use. He just likes to know he has them... whatever floats his boat I guess.
This one is of the creek near one of SH's little old ladies houses where I helped him weed eat, plant, paint and trim hedges yesterday.
I hope everyone's September is starting out the way ours is. The temperatures are wonderful, the sky is sunny and life is good.


Monkling said...

Yep, beautiful weather here, too. Nice & cool, which is good because darling daughter's dorm room doesn't have AC this semester.

Ann Marie said...

The waterman calls that kind of "stuff" character.. and refuses to let me say the j word around it :) I love that shot.. I am sorry to hear about your Aunt..

Lanny said...

I'm sorry about your aunt!

Mary Ellen said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt.

I'd like to hear about the little old ladies...maybe it would help to get it off your chest.

We are enjoying a stretch of gorgeous weather here, too. I'm almost afraid to mention it for fear of losing it!

Anonymous said...

Wow i love this pic i have seen some places like this befor and this is at the top of my list!