Saturday, July 25, 2009

A walk down memory lane....

The weather outside is wet...again. I think we have a chance of rain all but one day of the next 7. I'm pretty sure keeping our pool open is just a waste of money. It will probably be shut down if the weather doesn't improve in the next week.
Being home alone on this wet, dreary day has me walking down memory lane. I am so thankful for my kids and the time I have had being their mother. I got lucky, I had two kids who have never really given me any trouble. Those kids are turning into adults and I am proud of who they have become and can't wait to see who they will be.

I remember the old days when they spent a lot of time doing this....
I remember all of the fun times they had acting silly together.

And I remember the times we spent as a family, just enjoying each others company.
Now they are growing up. My DD is the same age I was when I got married and DS is the same age I was when I gave birth to him. I guess it's true that time flies when you are having fun.


Trina and Jophie said...

Oh my I remember these 2 little squeezy cuties. Can we go back to there? Please?

Trina and Jophie

Lanny said...

How cute! Time sure does fly.

Mary Ellen said...

They grow so fast - their little selves in such a hurry to change!

They were (and are) such cutie pies, as well as being easy to raise!

Monkling said...

That's adorable!

It sure does seem strange having grown up kids, doesn't it?

kim-d said... cute! They look like they were really fun little kids, and very happy!

The good part is, no matter how old they get they are always your kids and they will always need you. And the REALLY good part is, there are your grandchildren-to-be. You're going to have such fun.

Even though DS and DD will be completely grown by then, you will also have the joy of a daughter-in-law, a son-in-law, and those grandchildren-to-be.

The more the merrier, right? :)