Monday, June 29, 2009

Time to play catch up

I've been such a bad blogger. I have been visiting facebook for alarming amounts of time. Most of the problem is that with dial up I get tired of waiting for things to load, especially pictures. There is a possibility that I will have high speed in the near future, but I'm not sure yet. I refuse to pay the prices that the ONE AND ONLY COMPANY in this area charges for high speed. My ds will be moving back into our home for awhile and he wants high speed. We are debating right now whether we can stand the 70.00 a month bill. It just makes me mad that they charge that because they know we have no other choice other than dial up.
A few things going on lately.....kittens. The kitten I rescued last year had these under my computer desk. I have a home for one and now need to get the other two placed, as soon as I am sure they can eat well on their own.

DD's high school graduation was a wonderful event. I'm so proud of her. She has already had her college orientation and is now getting herself ready to start that next phase of her life.

This picture is more like DD and one of her very best friends. They both cried during their graduation speeches but recovered quickly.
This is my favorite part of graduation. Some of their teachers from grade school through high school come up on stage and sing "May the good Lord bless and keep you till we meet again."
It's a special moment that always brings a tear to my eye.
I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer and I will be back on a more regular schedule..soon.


Mary Ellen said...

What a gorgeous girl you have there! Congratulations.

Cute kitties, too!

Lanny said...

Congrats to your dd! I love that tradition with the teachers singing. I taught one class in 4th grade (as a student teacher), 6th grade, 7th grade, and 8th grade (English). Oh how I loved those kids!
Cute kittens. :)